Robert M. Hickman

Portrait of Robert Hickman

I'm a web developer and designer from California.

I fell in love with design when a friend got me into HTML back in middle school. I fell in love with programming as a freshman in college. I enjoy programming and design because of the challenge and because of the final product. It's fun to say, "I made this!"

When I'm not developing, I'm reading fantasy, running, or spending quality time with my wife.



OpenSeadragon is an open-source, deep-zoom image viewer written in javascript. As part of my internship at (Summer 2013) I contributed to and learned about the OpenSeadragon code base.


"oxidize" is an open-source, web framework built in Mozilla's new language, Rust. Some friends and I are working on it for a school project (Winter 2014). We hope to make the framework easy to use, highly performant, and fully featured. Check us out on GitHub!


WordClock.JS is a javascript implementation of a clock from WordClock.JS is dependent on jQuery. You can download the source code. Use the clock as shown below:

   * "selector" is a css selector of an
   * existing element that the clock
   * will go inside
  var clock = new WordClock(selector);

The code inserts styleable elements into the specified element. Elements that should be shown have the class "active" applied to them.

point plotter

This is just a simple point plotter I made with the canvas. I also included an image exporter.